We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with  Grapeshot, the technology company that deploys machine learning to unlock value from data. Our collaboration with Grapeshot will integrate our proprietary user graph and cross-screen platform with Grapeshot’s Live Audience pre-bid keyword-driven targeting solution. Here’s a link to our announcement and the link to Mediapost’s coverage.

Our partnership with Grapeshot will help programmatic buyers find live audience segments across desktop, mobile, and TV, with the ability to leverage custom audience definitions and social media trends all at scale with brand safety protection.

“At VideoAmp, we seek partners who bring immediate value to our clients. We are excited by Grapeshot’s proven ability to deliver increased conversion with the scale required to support our client’s broad audience reach needs,” said Nick Chakalos, EVP Global Business Development, VideoAmp.

Grapeshot uses adaptive machine learning algorithms to organize large amounts of data into useful, shareable actions. This partnership will power prebid targeting on VideoAmp’s DSP, with Grapeshot signal analyzing pages and giving segment level responses on mobile and desktop inventory. This gives VideoAmp the ability to execute qualified reach and scale cross platform.  Additionally, the cross device signal from Grapeshot will power digital consumption insights for cross device users.

“Grapeshot is excited to align ourselves with VideoAmp’s innovative approach to data activation. In addition to offering Grapeshot’s full suite of pre-bid targeting solutions, VideoAmp will incorporate Grapeshot analysis of digital content consumption to help power their proprietary device graph. Understanding content consumption patterns across devices will give VideoAmp a unique approach to data-driven TV buying.” said Ryan McBride, VP, Platform Partnerships, Grapeshot.